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Discover Jamestown's most visited landmark with its panoramic views of Narragansett Bay. 
Located on the southernmost tip of Jamestown, Rhode Island, the Beavertail Lighthouse museum features a collection of information, artifacts, and conversation about the history and site of the third-oldest lighthouse in North America.  Come and enjoy New England hospitality as you engage with lighthouse history and with interesting elements of Narragansett Bay’s maritime science, technology, art, and culture.  Visit our gift shop, and spend some time in the spectacular Beavertail State Park adjoining the lighthouse site.

Some notes on our historic buildings: The dwelling that houses the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum was built in 1898 to house an assistant keeper, who helped maintain both the beacon and foghorn systems.  The keeper’s house was built earlier – in 1856, along with the granite tower and the first of several large fog-signal buildings that were important parts of the Beavertail Light Station.  The last of the larger sound-signaling buildings, along with its two fog horn system generators and compressors, was destroyed in the 1938 hurricane. The subsequent removal of building and equipment debris revealed the remains of the stone foundation of the first light tower sited at Beavertail in 1749.The destroyed foghorn building was replaced by the current, smaller fog-signal house that presently houses the RI Department of Environmental Management’s aquarium.  Restoration of both keepers’ houses began in 1983, and the museum opened in 1989 as a part ofthe RI State Parks Association.  The non-profit Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association (BLMA) was organized in 1993 by a dedicated group of docents, many of whom still serve the all-volunteer association today in all its endeavors.

Rhode Island Shipwreck Database

Welcome to the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association’s (BLMA) shipwreck database. This search engine provides the most comprehensive list of maritime events that have taken place in Rhode Island waters from Colonial times to present day. Each event is a story in itself providing the reader historical information gleaned from hundreds of archival sources. Each event is accompanied by a detailed description of the vessel(s) involved and related information.

For scheduling group events, including weddings, contact the R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management (DEM) at 401-884-2010.

Map of Jamestown Area - Drag and zoom for details of the area from the Town to the Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is approximately 4.5 miles from the Town Docks and Marina.

1749 Beavertail Foundation Base Restored!

For over seven years James Wermuth a preservationist from Newport has been reminding BLMA that the Peter Harrison 1749 lighthouse foundation still standing on the other side of the perimeter road needed to be saved. This past October after unsuccessful attempts to obtain grant funding, the BLMA board of Directors committed $15,000 to stabilize the remaining artifact of the original light until addition funds could be made available. The contractor David Lamontagne of Pascoag, RI not only stabilized the stone and mortar foundation despite further damage by Hurricane Sandy, but finished a complete restoration of the octagonal shaped relic's base. The southwest side had lost much of its stone caused by the undercutting by storm waves and crumbling loose shale. Lamontagne removed all the loose shale down to the bedrock and poured a concrete footing pinned to the bedrock to support the replacement stones. His timely restoration of the west face saved the entire foundation from Hurricane Sandy although much of the stone collected for replacement of the east and north faces was washed away by the storm. An emergency $2000 was additionally allocated for repairs and replacement of missing stones on the east and southeast faces.

Your donations (see button below) would be greatly appreciated for our projecst. We are a 501 (C)3 corporation.

Please look at photos of ABCORE Restoration workers on site at Beavertail during the summer of 2009, and please consider making an to help the all-volunteer Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association care for our precious buildings and educational mission. And remember, admission to the museum is free.  Come and visit us soon!

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